Flexibility for growth

Moncalieri and Santena plants

Torino Distillati headquarters are located in a historical Art nouveau-style building while the production facilities dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Ageing and deposit warehouses are located in Santena, only a few minutes away from the Turin ring.


The Plants  shows how the attention for details is the basis of the quality of distillates, brandy, grappa and liqueurs produced there.

At the Santena plant is available a Fiscal warehouse under the Turin Customs and Excise control where ageing of brandy and other distillates is done. Another area is used for stocking finished products and dry materials.

Moncalieri plant

  • Area: 14,406 sq.m.
  • Covered area: 8,643 sq.m.
  • Covered area (3 story building): 12,000  sq.m.
  • Tanks capacity: 1,498,800 l
  • Potential bottling capacity: up to 10,000,000 bottles per year
  • Mean capacity: 1,000-6,000 bottles per hour

Santena plant

  • Area: 76,000 sq.m.
  • Covered area: 6,000 sq.m (beyond keeper’s house, canteen and offices for about 1,000 sq.m.)
  • Ageing tanks of 400 hl. each
  • Sprinkler system

First rate distillates, brandy and grappa

Production and bottling of alcoholic beverages and syrups are the excellence of the company: due to modern technologies Torino Distillati can meet almost any production request; it has systems for making infusions, natural extracts, distillation, refrigeration (also flash-chilling) and for the stabilization of distillates, brandy and grappa.

Bottling lines versatility is the main feature: 4 bottling lines, one for mignon bottles only, offer a wide choice and can be tailored to different sizes and shapes (up to a hundred), for both cork caps, heat-shrunk caps and screw caps


Versatility  and efficiency: productive capacity varies from 1,000 to 6,000 bottles per hour.  Also dense products can be bottled due to a volumetric filling machine (working even PET bottles).

There is a modular labeller highly computerized allowing a perfect dressing on non-standard products. It has a camera for centering and a Quality Control station for putting aside defective bottles.


Storage and working capacity

Storage and working capacity is about 18,000 litres within steel containers of different sizes. Very big oak vats are filled for ageing and storing brandy.


The whole production plant operates as a Fiscal warehouse with excise tax suspended under the control of the local Customs and Excise which also has supervision of the subsidiary warehouse for Government stripstamps located inside the factory. Torino Distillati holds licences also for producing and bottling intermediate products  such as Vermouth, and for bottling fruit vinegars.