Beverage manufacturing heritage

Fratelli Ferrero di Riccardo were a historical Piedmontese family operating in the wine and vermouth business which established the plant since the early 1900s. During the Sixties of the last century the Plant was taken over by the Canadian company Seagram, an international group producing and distributing alcoholic beverages.


In 1992 Carlo Vergnano, then Technical and Operations Director at Seagram Italia, bought the Moncalieri Plant from Seagram in a management buy-out operation and set up the new company.

Since then Torino Distillati peculiarities have been professionalism, transparency, raw materials quality, state-of-the-art production systems, attention focused on the quality of the products and first rate finished products.


Due to the experience of the founder and the staff, the company is run according to methods and standards typical of a multinational company.

Italian distillates,

Masterpieces of tradition

The plant of Torino Distillati was built in Moncalieri back in 1906 in an area renowned for production of first rate liqueurs. Companies born in that area developed brands now famous all over the world, such as Carpano, Cinzano, Martini & Rossi.

A professional team

Carlo Vergnano runs the Company together with his wife Piera, his daughter Rita and the help of trusted collaborators. Values, which are so important at Torino Distillati, will be continued by Rita Vergnano, supported by a staff which is very experienced, professional and loyal.


Torino Distillati is established

Torino Distillati means first quality Italian distillates with historical roots in the Piedmont region and it stands out around the world with the trade-mark of the Made in Italy.