High quality liqueurs and distillates

Private label and Copacking

Distillates, Grappa, Liqueurs, alcoholic drinks, syrups and private labels, Private labels: a heritage  of knowledge and expertise at the Customers disposal either national or international. It is also the outcome of far-sighted investments which allow the company a continuous growth in quality and production.


Torino Distillati produces, bottles and packages alcoholic beverages  and syrups for Companies, Customers and GDO.


Vantage points are flexibility and efficiency which allow to satisfy also big volumes in a short time, keeping the high quality of the products and meeting every need.


Torino Distillati


Liqueurs and distillates are produced using the best raw materials and following the traditional methods. The traditional piedmontese liqueur called Genepy, for instance, is typical for its aromatic and organoleptic qualities. A wide range of products from bitters to liqueurs and distillates is available.


Quality for the true connoisseur: products for those who love the Made in Italy and believe in traditional values as well as experimentation and innovation.




Torino Distillati Organic liqueurs are absolutely innovative and produced only by organic ingredients. Their traceability is a warranty of transparency: the whole food chain is organic-certified and undergoes detailed controls. Torino Distillati got the Certification for producing Organic products in 2015 from the national organization “Valoritalia”.


The organic production confirms how the Company philosophy is always standing on values such quality, excellence and transparency.