Quality and certificates

HACCP rules are strictly applied in the company

Torino Distillati is certified IFS and strives to achieve full customer satisfaction while balancing towards Sustainable development. HACCP therefore is strictly applied and all procedures are detailed in the Quality Manual which aims to control scrupulously all phases of processing, starting from the selection of qualified suppliers, raw materials and packaging materials delivered to our plant, to monitoring during all the processing, including a careful analytical control, straight to the final finished product. An accurate sensory test ends the process. Quality and safety are a top priority and they ensure a safe product from hygiene-health and legal points of view.

quality liqueur
In confirmation to its commitment and transparency, Torino Distillati complies with all the new rules:


  • Since 1999 it developed the CONTROL PLAN FOR CORRECT FOOD PRODUCT HYGIENE PRACTICES – HACCP, with systematic updating to implement any Regulation which comes into force, in compliance with EC Regulation 852/2004;
  • It implemented a Traceability System, designed to guarantee the complete traceability of individual food products and all the data connected with them, in compliance with EC Regulation 178/2002;
  • Since 2004 it obtained the certification by IFS – International Food Standard, a standard developed by large-scale European distribution channels to qualify their suppliers according to criteria of quality, safety and compliance with the regulations governing the agricultural and food industry;
  • It promoted a Sustainable Development Policy within the company and its suppliers, a social responsibility initiative with the aim of aligning company strategies and operating methods with universally recognised principles in the areas of human rights, workers’ rights, environmental and company ethics.


  • In 2012, Torino Distillati joined the Aim Progress Project and became a member of Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, www.sedexglobal.com) committing to continuous improvement of the ethical and environmental aspects of its business.


  • Torino Distillati started producing also organic liqueurs and got the BIO Certification (organic).